Cheese Texture

Texture, also known as Mouth Feel, is an important aspect of cheese appearance, functionality, and how its flavors and aromas are perceived.
Common texture descriptors that we utilize are:

  • Moisture: The presence of liquid whey retained from the milk.
  • Smoothness: Absence of any particles, lumps, bumps, etc., in the product.
  • Hardness: Force required to deform the product to a given distance, i.e., force to compress between molars, bite through with incisors, compress between tongue and palate.
  • Fracturability: Force with which the sample crumbles, cracks or shatters. Fracturability encompasses crumbliness, crispiness, crunchiness and brittleness.
  • Mouthcoating: Type and degree of coating in the mouth after mastication (for example, fat/oil).
  • Meltability: How well a cheese will melt.
  • Stretch: Will a cheese stretch.
  • Elasticity: Does a cheese have a bouncy texture.