Bali Ice

Fresh dairy mixes used to produce dairy treats such as Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt. These gourmet mixes are formulated to fulfill the customers’ needs and match the required quality or price point. Hundreds of options available!

Bali Icecream and Frozen Yogurt Base Mixes

Cacao Bali

Since 2003 PT. Pasti Enak has been supplying retail Customers, Chocolatiers, Industrial Chocolate Manufacturers, Cosmetic Scientists, and Pharmaceutical Companies with Cacao products from Indonesia.

Cacan Beans Nibs Butter and Powder

Truffles and Truffle Oil

We offer White and Black Truffle Oils for retail and wholesale sales. PT Pasti Enak offers Fresh Truffles delivered directly from the farm during the truffle season in the Southern Hemisphere.


Food Commodities

Located in Bali Indonesia and with over 15 years of selection, quality control and export experience, PT Pasti Enak offers raw agricultural commodities and processed commodities from Indonesia.

Comodity foods from Indonesia