PT. Pasti Enak  

O-Dairy / Bali Ice
Our Frozen Dairy Mixes

Dairy mixes are made to order.
Minimum order requirement 20 kilos
Standard Packing 2 kg bags
Lead Time: 5 days
Available Natural or Flavored
Flavorings available include Natural, Natural Identical, or Artificial.
We offer Natural and Artificial Color options.
Shelf Life Fresh: 4 weeks
Shelf Life Frozen : 6 Months.
We produce frozen mixes only, an ice cream or soft serve machine is required.
These are fresh mixes created with the highest quality ingredients (not powdered mixes)

We produce a variety of mixes including but not limited to:
Frozen Yogurt Mix (Fro-Yo)
Ice Cream Mix
     Super Premium
Ice Milk Mix (Soft Serve)
Frozen custard , French ice cream , French custard ice cream
Gelato . Italian-style ice cream
Water ice
Sorbet or Sorbetto
Vegan frozen desert mix

All mixes are produced and packaged by PT. Pasti Enak ® under the brand name O-Dairy ® in Bali Indonesia.

To get started with a frozen mix formulation please supply us with as much information as possible so that we may streamline the design and costing process.

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