Odit CEO PT. Pasti Enak  
From the first time I tasted cheese I loved it. Cheeses rich creamy flavor was unique and quite a treat for me having growing up in a small town in Indonesia. I am fortunate to have traveled the world in my life and to have been given the opportunity to try a variety of cheeses. I understand that there are major differences between the standard commercial cheese available in Indonesia and Artisan cheeses available in the West. Growing up in Indonesia it was always difficult for me to get imported cheese, they were often not available or quite expensive. I dreamt of bringing high quality international standard cheeses to my country so that more people could try and possibly fall in love with all natural cheeses. To make my dream come true I moved to the USA in 2010 where I was fortunate to learn cheese making and Affinage, “the art of cheese aging” from professional cheese makers and university educators. A whole new world of cheese was opened to me and with the ability to make the cheeses that I love I moved back to Bali Indonesia in 2015. After a year of hard work I opened O-Dairy® under the operation of my family run PT Pasti Enak ®. With modern cheese making equipment and cheese caves I have achieved part of my dream I can now eat great cheese any time I choose. I hope that you take the chance to try some of the cheese I make either from a restaurant in your area, from a supermarket,  or by ordering online. I am proud of my country and proud to be able to offer my countrymen the highest quality international standard cheeses made in Indonesia from Indonesian milk and by an Indonesian Cheese Maker.    

Chris GM PT. Pasti Enak
My life has been filled with food. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a Chef, own restaurants, and be free to eat whatever I wanted. Even as a child I always loved cheese and throughout my career the affinity for cheese developed into a deep respect for Cheese Makers. It intrigued me, in the way as magic does, and I wondered how cheese makers get so many different flavors? How can you age milk for so long and not have it spoil? With all the years that I spent in professional kitchens I was never able to gain enough experience or knowledge to answer these questions. Cheese escaped me! For years Odit and I tried to make cheese and most of it was not very good.  After 7 years of trial and error we came to the conclusion that this was not a culinary art that was going to be easy to understand. May be it was Magic?
Selling everything that we had and betting it all on the unknown, Odit and I were off on another adventure.  It was extremity difficult to understand the art and sciences that are needed to consistently produce a variety of high quality cheeses.  It has become an affinity, infatuation, love and talking point in my life for years now.
Since returning to Bali we have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the milk in Indonesia and feel lucky to have access to high quality ingredients.  We judge our success from the compliments that we receive from many of Indonesia’s finest chefs and gourmands that like if not love our cheeses. BPOM has give us very good marks, and I feel that many of our cheese are amazing, especially when you consider that just a few years ago we were not even sure if it was possible. To all of you that have supported us through  these growth steps we thank you and are honored that you feel our cheeses are worthy.
In the years to come we will develop new cheeses and continue our pursuit of cheese perfection!o