Lab Operations

Working with milk, its ability to spoil, and the fact that it naturally contains the nutrients needed to grow various harmful microbes makes handling, testing, and storage critical! To insure the safety of the public the Legal Dairy Industry in Indonesia operates in accordance with Indonesian Law No. 18/2012. Law 18/2012 covers all aspects handling, production, testing, packing, storage, distribution, and recall actions. Enforced by BPOM the Law is overseen by the central government in Jakarta.  Before a facility is granted the legal ability to produce dairy products it must comply with the Law and prove that said facility has not only the ability to comply with the law but that it operates on onsite laboratory to test its raw materials and products. In accordance with the Law, BPOM regulations and our own SOP’s we operate an onsite laboratory assigned the responsibility of performing required testing of our raw materials, products, and facility environment.

A core PT. Pasti Enak motto is
Bersih – Clean
Sehat  – Healthy
Happy – Happy
We take this to hart.
Keep it clean, so we and our products are healthy.
The result is that we and our customers will be happy.
Pasti Enak is more than just how something tastes!

Lab Operations