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Dedicated to Quality! Truly Pasti Enak!
We source the highest quality farm fresh milk available and carefully pasteurize it to produce our selection of Pasti Enak Cheeses. Our delicious milk is carefully transformed into cheese by our cheese makers before being aged in our Cheese Caves.  Through the use of quality ingredients and traditional techniques we produce a wide selection of gourmet cheeses in Klungkung Bali Indonesia.

Liputan Pasti Enak di TVRI

Terimakasih TVRI atas liputannya terhadap produksi keju Pasti Enak di Bali

Segment 1
00:00 – 02:10     Intro
02:10 – 04:50     Pasti Enak Video (Tara is at 03:56)                      
04:50 – End        Discussion with Gus Mananda of Unud University: 


Segment 2
00:00 – 01:00     A short video showing Balinese Culture.
01:00 – 03:44     Pasti Enak Video
03:44 – End      Discussion with “Odit” Ni Made Sri Hartai and Gus Mananda


Segment 3
00:00 – 00:44     Intro
00:44 – End       Discussion with Odit Hartati and Gus Mananda

Segment 4
00:00 – End     Discussion with Odit Hartati and Gus Mananda

With over 70 varieties of cheese PT. Pasti Enak produces cheeses for just about any culinary application.
Used in many of Indonesia’s premier resorts and by Indonesia’s award winning chefs, Pasti Enak cheeses are among the world’s finest dairy products.
Looking for an alternative to imported products? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


Started in 2007 PT. Pasti Enak has dedicated itself to the production of the highest quality All Natural Food Products.  Our dedication to providing healthy delicious foods is our passion.
We give thanks to our customers for supporting us in our mission. We we will continue to produce the highest quality products possible and continue forward with our social responsibility through our philanthropies and commitment to sustainability.

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PT. Pasti Enak products are available throughout Bali and in select markets in Java, Sumatra and Lombok.

Can’t find a specific product? no problem!  We offer direct shipping throughout Bali and to many major cities in Indonesia.

Artisan Cheeses taste great, are packed full of nutrition, and are a delicious way to balance a healthy diet.


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