Flavored Cheese

As part of Cheese Making and Affinage we sometimes marry cheese with all-natural flavorings to create unique cheeses.

Some Examples of our Flavored Cheeses Include:
Kawa made with Bali Arabica Coffee
Citrus made with Mandarin Oranges
Gouda aged in Cacao Butter
Pepper Jack with Fresh Tri-Color Chili Mix
Fondue with Sababay Wine, Garlic and Shallots
Port Wine Cheese with Sababay Port and Aged Cheddar

Pasti Enak produces a variety of Cold and Hot Smoked Cheeses including:
Coconut Smoked Cheddar
Tea Smoked Ricotta Salata
Smoked Feta
Smoked Goat Cheese

Pasti Enak produces a line of Gournay cheeses that are great used as dips spreads, dressings,  and sauces.
In the Gournay region of France there is a tradition where Fresh Cheese is served with a variety of flavor ingredients that individuals mix into their cheese. Following this tradition we offer our Gournay cheese in original flavor so you can mix in your own herbs, spices or other flavoring as well as the following premixed flavors

  • Gournay Garlic and Herb
  • Gournay Herbs du Provance
  • Gournay Spice Islands
  • Gournay Mexican
  • Gournay¬† Chili
  • Gournay Mushroom and Truffle
Flavored Gournay Group Picture