Pepper Jack Mild Chili 160 gr


Pepper Jack Mild
75% less spice than our Standard Pepper Jack
Average Package Size 160 grams +- 50 grams.
Invoices reflect actual weights provided.

Our Mild Pepper Jack has 1/4 the Chili as our standard Pepper Jack.

Pepper Jack: Diced and ground red and green chilies are added into the cheese, resulting in spicy notes and a vibrant appearance. Pepper Jack is a perfect match for foods that need a little extra kick, or for people who just plain love spicy food. From simple cubes on cheese platters to stacked chicken club sandwiches, Pepper Jack is the world’s original (and favorite) chili-spiced cheese.

Monterey Jack or “Jack” Cheese: A semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor and sweet creamy overtones. Jack is a uniquely American Cheese originating from Monterey, California, U.S.A., where it was first made in the early 1900s. This delightful cheese has a low melting point, thus working very well in any heated applications where a mild cheese flavor and smooth melt is required.

Jenis Keju yang cepat meleleh biasanya baik digunakan sebagai bahan roti panggang, pizza atau dilelehkan diatas corn chips atau kentang goreng. Jenis keju yang cepat meleleh seperti mozzarella, monterey jack, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, swiss. Bagi anda pencinta keju dengan aroma yang keras, anda juga bisa mencoba camembert, raclette, matahari, brie yang bisa dilelehkan dengan cepat dalam oven.