Citrus Cheese 250 gr


Citrus Cheese
Average Package Size 250 grams +- 50 grams.
Invoices reflect actual weights provided.

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This soft cheese is washed with Orange and Tangerine juice giving it a citrus aroma that pairs perfectly with the creamy cheese. An original PT. Pasti Enak® creation Citrus Cheese is produced in mini wheels 200-300 grams in weight. Each cheese is washed and turned daily for just over 2 weeks before it is, laboratory tested, graded by our cheesemakers, and ready sale.

Our mild Citrus Cheese with mixed citrus fruits is a balance of concentrated milk flavors, acidity, and citrus aromas This one of a kind cheese can be utilized for sweet or savory applications as well as being a unique addition to a cheese platter.

Citrus Cheese™ Original Cheese Produced in Bali Indonesia since 2018 by Pasti Enak®