Strained Greek Yogurt 200 gr


Middle Eastern Style Cream Cheese with Greek Yogurt Flavor
Package Size 200 grams
Invoices reflect actual weights provided.

PT. Pasti Enak ® Labneh
The smooth, creamy, and slight tartness of yogurt is one of life’s simple pleasures, concentrating that goodness into a thick soft cheese is Pasti Enak “Truly Delicious”. The technique of draining yogurt to produce cheese originates from South and Central Asia and is one of the World’s oldest dairy traditions. Central Asian Suzma, South Asian Kulhar, and Middle Eastern Labneh are just a few of the names that this variety of cheese has gone by over the millennia since man learned to add flavor producing bacteria to fresh milk. In the West this cheese is often referred to as Extra Thick Greek Yogurt though its texture makes it more like, Italian Marsapone or Soft Cream Cheese than Yogurt.
To make our Labneh we produce full cream All Natural Greek Yogurt and strain it through Egyptian Cotton Muslin for 2 days in one of our environmentally controlled cheese caves. The straining process removes the whey, or fluid, from the milk solids, a process that requires four kilograms of Yogurt to make 1 kilogram of Labneh Cheese. We produce our Labneh without the use of thickeners and instead use the traditional method of simply draining to consolidate the milk solids. The result is this luxurious high in protein and low in sugar soft cheese.
Labneh is a versatile ingredient, it can be mixed with juice or thinned with water and enjoyed as Greek Yogurt. It is utilized in the production of dips such as Greek Tzatziki, Turkish Haydari, and Iranian Delal. In the west it is often used in sauces, and salad dressings where it adds a creamy slightly tart flavor. Labneh can also be used as a base for the production of frozen yogurt and as a topping or filling for pastries, pies and cakes.
We are excited to offer this product to those that have drained yogurt cheeses as part of their heritage. We hope that Chefs and Home Cooks unfamiliar with Labneh will give it a try and experience this amazingly healthy dairy product that is virtually unknown in the western world.