PT Pasti Enak

PO Box 333
Klungkung Bali Indonesia 80701

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PT Pasti Enak Products and Services.

Produk dan jasa PT Pasti Enak

- Wow brand hot sauce Indonesia
- Cacao beans, Cacao butter, Cacao powder
- Dry spices
- Honey
- Food Co Packer
- Restaurant consulting
- Sourcing 
- Vanilla pods , seeds and vanilla paste.
- Palm Syrup and Palm Sugar
- Coconut Powder
- Coffee Beans Robusta
- Coffee Beans Arabica
- Black and Green Tea Leaves
- Gourmet Sauce Producer
- Turmeric Extract / Paste
- Fruit Jam and Jelly
- Wholesale Coffee Beans
- Coconut Syrup
- Fruit Vinegar
- Pancake Syrup


- Sambal Pedas merk Wow Indonesia
- Biji Coklat, Lemak Coklat, Coklat Bubuk
- Bumbu Kering
- Madu
- Pengemasan Makanan
- Konsultan untuk Restaurant
- Sourcing
- Vanili
- Gula Merah dan Sirup
- Kelapa Bubuk
- Copi Biji Robusta
- Copi Biji  Arabica
- Sirup Pancake

Our Sister company PT Bali Global
Products and Services.

Produk dan Jasa
Saudara Perusahaan kami PT Bali Global

- Art and Handicraft - Art Export
- Menu Covers
- Table Tents
- Signage
- Offset printing
- Graphic Design
- Shipping and Export Logistics
- Wholesale Spa Oils and Body Scrub
- PT Bali Global


- Kesenian dan Kerajinan tangan
- Buku Menu
- Table Tents
- Signage
- Percetakan
- Graphic Design
- Pengiriman dan Export Logistics



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