Grated Parmesan / Parmesan Bubuk


250 grams
Keju Parmesan Parut (Grated Parmesan Cheese)

Grated Parmesan commonly used in the home and by restaurants. This low moisture cheese has a long shelf life and is a perfect condiment to always have on hand. Have it ready for the next time you desire a little cheese for your favorite dish.
Made from Cave Aged Parmesan cheese our Fiesta Cheese is a great addition to Pasta, Pizza, Salads and as a garnish. This economy parmesan is aged for a minimum of 4 months but has the characteristic flavour that you would expect from a grated parmesan product

Keju Parmesan bubuk, parmesan parut untuk pasta pizza atau sebagai topping. Tersedia dalam kemasan 1 kg, atau kemasan carton 5kg
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Wholesale orders are welcome! We stock and age large quantities of whole milk parmesan cheese for grating. By producing our Parmesan, ourselves as well as grating it at our factory in Klungkung Bali this product is rarely out of stock! Wholesale portion of grated parmesan are 1 kg bags that come 5kg per case. Don’t need 5 kilograms, no problem minimum order for our grated parmesan is 1 kilogram.
Please feel free to sign up for a Wholesale Account email us at or WhatsApp us at +62 812-3901-7428 to sign up for a wholesale account.

Looking for something with more flavour? Please see our Artisan Cave Aged Parmesan that is aged for a minimum of one year. Additionally follow us on social media to know when our two- and three-year Parmesan cheeses are released. These long-aged cheeses are limited in quantity and sell out quick. Although our cave aged Parmesan cheese are not commonly sold grated we do offer them in this form by custom order.

Produced by PT. Pasti Enak in Bali Indonesia. Keju Pasti Enak – Truly Delicious products for home and restaurant. Proudly made in Indonesia from farm fresh milk!

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