Cream Cheese Parm Pepper and Olive Oil


There are three main types of Cream Cheese that vary in quality by their diary fat content. These three types are Double Cream Cheese, Single Cream Cheese and Neufchâte. Most Cream Cheese in Indonesia, other than some specialty imported products, are either Single Cream Cheese or Neufchâte.  Our Pasti Enak ® Cream Cheese is a Double Cream that has a dairy fat content of at least 34%. The result a ultra-creamy product with a buttery flavour and luxurious mouth feel.
The cream used to make our Cream Cheese is not homogenized allowing for the natural creamy yellow color of the cream shine though.

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225 grams
Double Cream Cheese (minimum 34% dairy fat), mixed with our 1 year Cave Aged Parmesan, Kalimantan Black Pepper, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Ready to spread and enjoy!