Brie Chataignes – Chestnut Brie


Average Package Size 200 grams +- 50 grams.
Invoices reflect actual weights provided.

200 grams
Brie Chataignes is a PT Pasti Enak original cheese made using the techniques used in the production of Brie Noir (Black Brie). Like Black Brie, Brie Chataignes is aged for a minimum or 1 year where is concentrates in flavor and becomes a firm. Our one-of-a-kind Brie is rubbed with Roasted Chestnut infused Stout Beer giving the cheese is characteristic brown color. Rich in earthy umami flavors and fragrant toasted nut and chocolate aromas this cheese is 100% Pasti Enak!
Note* During aging all alchol is converted into vinegar resulting in a cheese with no alcohol.