Premium Goat Cheese made in Bali Indoesia from farm fresh goat milk

PT. Pasti Enak Goat Cheeses are made from special Etewa Goat milk. Etewa milk has a light goat aromas and high protein content. These characteristics of Etewa goat milk result in cheeses that are often accepted by people who normally do not like goat milk cheese due to  strong animal aromas.

PT. Pasti Enak produces the following types of goat cheese.
Fresh – Cheeses that are sold fresh after manufacture 
Short Aged – Cheeses that are aged for 2-4 weeks
Medium Aged Varieties – Products that are aged for 1-2 months 
Long Aged – Cheese that are aged from 4-12 months  

Pasti Enak Goat Cheeses

We are proud to work with exceptional goat farmers in Indonesia. Our farmers truly care for their animals. The care provided by these farmers is evident in the quality of milk they produce and offer to us. 

Each batch of milk that arrives are our facility is tested in our onsite laboratory. Our in-house testing has shown that the milk is high in protein and fats. These milk makers point to a high quality of animal husbandry.

Milk quality can be assessed by the flavour of the final cheese. In general cheese making is a method of removing the water from milk while concentrating the solids and flavors. Often slight flavour differences that are not distinguishable from drinking milk are easily identified in cheese.  Flavors of feeding animals too much grain, improperly fermented food, or improper care can result in flat, stale, fermented, off, and chemical flavors. Other flavors and aromas like wet animals, rancid, and bitterness can be found in milk that is not handled properly.  We don’t have these problems. 

We praise our famers, the operational employees that prepare milk for transport and the delivery drivers that bring us our milk! They do wonderful work and make what we do possible. Here at our cheese making facility we take this exceptional milk and continue with what they have started. Making incredible world class goat cheese!

We are fortunate the receive compliments of our cheeses and many are about our goat cheeses. Our cheese makers have tried goat cheeses from around the world and know that the milk from Etewa goats is special and create cheeses that someday may be world renown!

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