Kanya Aged Goat Cheese 250 gr


Pasti Enak® Kanya™ cheese is a complexly flavored long aged hard cheese made from goats’ milk. Like a well-aged Manchego, Ibrores cheese or Goat Gouda; Kanya is a strongly flavored well balanced artisan cheese. For over 1-year, wheels of Kanya are cared for by our cheeses makers who brush and turn wheels almost 100 times in the aging process.

Named after Queen Dewa Agung Istri Kanya.

The salt that we utilize in the production of this cheese comes from the village of Kusamba in our regency of Klungkung. Known for its high-quality salt, Kusamba is also the seaside village where Ibu Kanya did battle with the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army in 1849.  Ibu Kanya’s bravery in leading a night offensive resulted in the death of the Commander of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army and a Dutch retreat from Kusamba on May 25, 1849.

For Dewa Agung Istri Kanya’s strength, literary works, dedication, and the honor to stand up to an insurmountable force; We are honored to name this cheese Kanya!

Kanya™ Original Cheese Produced in Bali Indonesia since 2019 by Pasti Enak®