Blue Cheese – Keju Bleu Bali 100 gr


Blue Moo (Blue Cheese)
Package Size 100 grams.
Also available in bulk 500 gram size.

Blue Cheese, for some it is an all-time favorite while other may see it as a pungent foe.  Although there are numerous types of Blue Cheese with familiar names like Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Stilton, there are few differences between them. They are all primarily made from milk and ripened by a mixture of bacterial cultures and a mould (mold) called Penicillium Roqueforti or in some cases Penicillium Glacum. The Penicillium produce bluish green or yellowish spores giving blue cheeses their characteristic color and promote the development of flavors characteristic in Blue Cheeses.
PT. Pasti Enak’s Blue Moo is a mixed culture Blue cheese which utilizes multiple mold strains to produce a complex blue cheese flavour that is unique to this one of a kind Indonesian Bleu.
Blue Moo with this characteristic, earthy, slightly floral, and mushroom aroma is a premium artisan cheese made in Bali Indonesia.

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