Mozzarella 200 gr


Our Mozzarella is perfect for grating onto a Pizza or sliced for a sandwich. This low moisture cheese is arms-length stretchy, melts amazingly, and has a rich cheese flavor not normally found in commercial mozzarella. Take your pizza to the next level with PT. Pasti Enak Mozzarella!
Do you love Fresh Mozzarella? We sure do! Fresh Mozzarella is best enjoyed freshly stretched and still warm. Simply take thick slices of our Mozzarella and place them it in hot water (55-68 C) for 1-2 minutes and then stretch! There is nothing quite like the flavor and texture of truly fresh Mozzarella and it’s a fun process!

Jenis Keju yang cepat meleleh biasanya baik digunakan sebagai bahan roti panggang, pizza atau dilelehkan diatas corn chips atau kentang goreng. Jenis keju yang cepat meleleh seperti mozzarella, monterey jack, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, swiss. Bagi anda pencinta keju dengan aroma yang keras, anda juga bisa mencoba camembert, raclette, matahari, brie yang bisa dilelehkan dengan cepat dalam oven.