Camembert 300 gr


Camembert Triple Cream
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This soft and creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is perfectly spreadable. Made with whole milk and added cream, this cheese is a true “Triple Cream” with more milk fat than traditional Camembert. The extra cream gives this Camembert a rich buttery flavor with slight notes of hazelnut. As a surface-ripened cheese our Camembert is covered in a fine layer of edible mold that gives it a slight mushroom aroma.

Produced in Camembert Normandy in Northern France since the late 18th century Camembert is one of the world’s favorite cheeses. O-Dairy® Camembert is made with pasteurized milk that is inoculated with flavor producing bacteria before being coagulated, cut and drained. The curds are drained, portioned and formed into wheels 11 centimeters in diameter and approximately 3 cm tall. Over the next 2 weeks the growth of Camemberti mold will envelope the entire surface of the cheese. At this stage the center “paste” of the cheese will be quite firm. The complex process that will occur between the mold and the paste over the next few weeks will transform the young cheese. Camembert like a few other aged cheeses will ripen from the outside in.  As the cheese ripens the center will change in color from matt white to a golden yellow. Along with the softening of the center of the cheese will become runny and the aromas of the cheese and the rind will increase in intensity.

The maximum age for a Camembert depends greatly on who you ask. Some may feel that a young Camembert just over 3-4 weeks with its velvety rind and mild flavor is the best. Others may prefer a well-aged Camembert (3-4 months old) where the surface flora of the cheese has had adequate time to produce a slightly pungent cheese that is runny at room temperature

There are so many great culinary ways to use Camembert!
Sometimes the simple things in life are some of the best!
A warm crisp loaf of bread, a warmed Camembert, something nice to drink and someone to share it with. Maybe if you’re lucky a nice view. For the owners at Pasti Enak it does not really get much better than that.