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Cheddar M

Cheddar Aged for 4 months
Average Package Size 200 grams

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Following traditional techniques for crafting English cheddar, we are proud to offer PT. Pasti Enak’s cheddar cheeses to our local Indonesian market. Our cheddar is cave-aged for a minimum of 4 months before we’d even dream of selling it. This careful cave aging results in the perfect synthesis and development of flavors and textures found in other world class cheddars.

Mild Cheddar: Aged 4-5 months. This is medium-sharpness cheese with a rich cheddar flavor and softer texture.

We also produce in limited supply:

Sharp Cheddar: Aged a minimum of 6-8 months. This sharp cheese has a strong flavor and a crumbly texture reminiscent of classic cheddars.

Extra Sharp Cheddar: Aged a minimum of 9 months. This extra sharp cheese has a very piquant cheddar flavor and crumbly texture.

Vintage Cheddar: Aged a minimum of one year. Our vintage cheddar cheese is only produced in special situations. When an exceptional batch of cheddar meets our specific requirements, we may then age it for a year or longer to create our Pasti Enak Vintage Cheddar.