Chef Odit

Thank you from Odit

Pasti Enak?  Pasti!

     From the first time I tasted cheese I loved it. Its rich creamy flavor was unique and quite a treat growing up in a small town in Indonesia. I was lucky to travel the world over the last 15 years  and given the opportunity to try a variety of cheeses. I now understand that there is a major difference between the standard cheese available in Indonesia and those available in the west. Living in Indonesia it was always difficult for me to get imported cheese, they were often not available or quite expensive. I dreamt of bringing high quality international standard cheeses to my country so that more people could try and possible fall in love with the cheeses I had the opportunity to enjoy. To make my dream come true I moved to the USA in 2010 where I was fortunate to learn cheese making and affinage “the art of cheese aging” from professional cheese makers and university educators. A whole new world of cheese was open to me and with the ability to make the cheeses that I love I moved back to Bali Indonesia in 2015. After a year of hard work I opened O-Dairy under the operation of my family run PT Pasti Enak. With modern cheese making equipment and cheese caves I have achieved part of my dream I can now eat great cheese any time I choose. I hope that you take the chance to try some of the cheese I make either from a restaurant in your area, from a supermarket or directly ordered from my website I am proud of my country and I am proud to be able to offer my countrymen the highest quality international standard cheeses made in Indonesia from Indonesian milk and by an Indonesian Cheese Maker.