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PT. Pasti Enak®, Founded in 2008 is a primer producer and distributor of fine foods and raw food materials from Indonesia. Located in Klungkung Bali Indonesia PT Pasti Enak ® operates the largest MD food production facility in the regency.

As a primer Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia we provide our customers with high quality products and services with added value at competitive prices, simultaneously ensuring the long term viability and profitability of the organization.

Our Mission demands that we continue to be friendly, caring and an efficient organization whose primary focus is on providing consumers with safe and convenient high quality food products.

We will continue to be leading corporate citizens in tune with and responsive to the social, environmental, economic and cultural aspirations of the Indonesian people, whilst ensuring our ownership of a reasonable return on their investment.

PT Pasti Enak ® is seen as an ideal place of employment with good working conditions and benefits, with an internal environment in which our staff can achieve job satisfaction, self-development and fulfillment of their reasonable aspirations.

Ownership: Privately Owned and Operated.
Employees: Undisclosed
Turn Over: Undisclosed
Phone: Please contact sales for appropriate contact information:

We still provide Cacao Beans, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Butter please see for details.

For Vanilla and Coffee beans please feel free to contact sales for availability and current prices.

Currently we are focusing our growth in the area of Artisan Cheese production of International quality. Under the brand name O-Dairy we produce 20+ varieties of cheese from soft and mild to hard and very sharp. Our master cheese maker Made has been educated on the Science of cheese making in the USA, Holland, and Portugal and has brought the Art and Science to Indonesia. From locally sourced cow milk and a great amount of experience and care we are proud to supply our line of All Natural Indonesian Cheese.