PT. Pasti Enak takes pride in both our attention to traditional detail and the modern production methods we employ at our dairy plant. Our highly trained cheese artisans and laboratory technicians are able to produce a wide variety of quality dairy products, including many beyond those that we commonly stock. Please feel free to contact us regarding any dairy needs not fulfilled by our standard products, or in regard to any other questions. At PT. Pasti Enak, our goal is to produce the highest quality custom signature dairy products for our discerning customers.

Examples of Diary Products that we produce by Custom Order Include:
Butter and Butter Milk: Cultured butter found throughout Europe is often difficult, if not impossible, to find in other parts of the world. At PT. Pasti Enak, we produce our cultured butter just as they do in Europe, resulting in excellent flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. Our butter is available washed or non-washed, and can be salted by request with standard salt or Kusamba Sea Salt. Our buttermilk, a by-product of the butter production itself, is presented as a set with the butter it was made from. Buttermilk is similar to yogurt in flavor, and contains high amounts of protein, minerals, and sugars. Buttermilk is used throughout the culinary world in baked goods such as pastries and cakes, or for flavored batters used for frying chicken and other foods to golden perfection.

Cheese Curds: PT. Pasti Enak is pleased to offer cheddar cheese curds! Fresh or frozen, these delightful bite-sized cheese curds are the perfect appetizer when battered and fried, or when combined with fries and gravy in a hearty dish like classic poutine.

Whey: This is the liquid left over from the production of traditional ripened cheeses. Whey is high in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and sugars. Similar in flavor to yogurt, whey can be used in many beverage and baking applications.

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