Mild Cheddar
Aged for 4 months, this cheese is slightly sharp with a rich cheddar flavor and slice able
texture. Due to its texture and melting characteristic Mild Cheddar works well on sandwiches,
burgers and cheese trays. Rp. 290,000 / Kg
Coconut Smoked Cheddar
We take our Mild Cheddar Cheese and slowly cold smoke it over a period of two months
with coconut husks. The result is a rich and sharp cheddar cheese that blends
exceptionally with the smooth aroma of coconut smoke. Smoked Cheddar Cheese can be
worked into numerous food preparations though it is most commonly enjoyed by itself or
as part of a cheese tray. Rp. 304,000 /Kg
Monterey JackThis American Cheese, Monterey Jack, originates from Monterey California where it
was first made in the early 1900’s. Monterey Jack or “Jack” cheese is a semi firm cheese
with a characteristic creamy flavor. This easy melting cheese works very well in any heated
applications where a slight cheese flavor and smooth melt is required.
Monterey Jack is popular with children and consumers that enjoy cheese but prefer cheeses
with mild flavors. Rp. 282,000 / Kg
Pepper JackTo Make our Pepper Jack we mix diced and ground red and green chilies into the cheese
making process resulting in a spicy cheese with a vibrant appearance. Pepper Jack is a
perfect match for foods that are better with a little spice and for people who love spicy food.
Commonly used on dishes such as chicken sandwiches or simply as cubes on a cheese
platter Pepper Jack is the worlds original chili flavored cheese. Rp. 294,000 / Kg
ProvoloneThis Italian Style “Pasta Filata Piccante” is a semi hard, sharp cheese with great stretch and
melting characteristics. Packed with flavor this cheese is aged to perfection in our cheese
caves for a minimum of 4 months before being ready. Provolone is traditionally used in
many Italian dishes and is often used in modern culinary applications that require a sharp
and picante cheese that will melt. Rp. 380,000 / Kg
AlpineTo create our Alpine cheese we follow the traditional production methods used in the Alps
of Europe that run through countries such as France, Italy, and Switzerland. A cheese with
numerous flavors our Alpine cheese is ,sweet, nutty, fruity, floral and spicy making it our
most complex flavored cheeses. Rp. 370,000 / Kg
MozzarellaA stretched curd cheese made in a “Pasta Filata” method similar to Provolone. As its name
implies Low Moisture Mozzarella is low in water content “moisture” which allows it to
brown and stretch in a way unobtainable from Fresh Mozzarella. The characteristic long
stretch and rich flavor of this product is created through the careful stretching of the curd
and dry aging of the cheese. Rp. 348,400 / Kg
Sake Washed RindNamed to match its color our “Matahari” Sake Washed Cheese is made utilizing techniques
mastered by Trappist Monks. Produced in various locations around the world Trappists or
Monastery-Style Cheeses have a characteristic pungent rind aroma yet mild meaty flavor
interior. Our version of Trappist Soft Cheese is made from Whole Cow Milk and Cream giving
it a spreadable consistency similar to that of Port-Salut Cheese. Over weeks of careful aging
our Matahari cheese is painstakingly washed time and time again with Sake to provide a
favorable environment for the development of its orange colored rind and giving the cheese
its unique flavor. Please note that as the Sake ferments on the rind of the cheese it turns into
vinegar so there is no residual alcohol content to this product. Rp. 396,666 / Kg
Triple Cream CamembertPasti Enak Triple Cream Camembert. This soft and creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheese is
spreadable with a melt in your mouth texture. Made with whole milk and added cream this cheese
is a true “Triple Cream” which contains more milk solids than traditional Camembert. The extra cream
in this product gives it a rich buttery flavor with slight notes of hazelnut. As a surface ripened cheese
our Camembert is covered in a fine layer of edible mold that gives the cheese a slight mushroom flavor
Rp. 390,000 / Kg
HalloumiHalloumi a traditional cheese from Cyprus is special among cheeses. Through careful production of
this cheese a product with a high melting point and firm springy texture is achieved. These
characteristics allow for this cheese to be cooked in high heat applications such as frying, grilling or
broiling without melting. This ability to be cooked is unique and because of it Halloumi has become
popular as a meat substitute. Pasti Enak, Halloumi is made from Whole Cow Milk so it is cream in
color and emphasizes the flavor of the milk, the Terroir of Indonesia. Rp. 275,000 / Kg
ProbioticProduced with 12 bioactive cultures our probiotic cheese promotes a healthy digestive
system by boosting the beneficial bacteria found in the body. Pasti Enak Probiotic Cheese
with its deep complex flavor is slightly tart and crumbly in texture.
Enjoy this cheese on salads, in sauces, or added to blended beverages. 200 gram container  Rp. 62,000
AsiagoThis American Style Asiago has a sharper “picante” flavor than aged Italian varieties of this cheese.
Similar to Parmesan this product can be used as a topping for pasta or pizza as well as in sauces and
other applications where grated Parmesan would usually be utilized. Rp. 325,000 Rp/ Kg
ParmesanThis complexly flavored, hard granular cheese with strong umami flavor is the perfect compliment to
numerous culinary dishes. Our Parmesan is Cave Aged for 12-18 months before being ready for sale
allowing for the development of the characteristic flavors. Rp. 400,000 / Kg
Gournay, Our version of a traditional spreadable cheese from the commune of Gournay in Normandie France.
We follow the tradition by mixing fresh herbs and spices into a rich fresh cheese resulting in creamy
and crumbly multipurpose cheeses. Pasti Enak Gournay cheeses are available in the following flavors:
Gournay NaturalNatural, keeping it simple we mix our fresh Gournay Cheese with Bali’s famous
Kusamba Sea Salt. This all natural Sea Salt is farmed in Kusamba Bali just 10 minutes
from our Diary a paring that was just meant to be. 200 gram container  Rp. 64,000
Gournay Mushroom and TruffleMushroom and Truffle, Forest mushrooms and Truffle mixed with our Gournay Cheese
and a little sea salt gives this cheese a rich umami flavor perfect for sauces and as a spread.
200 gram container  Rp. 69,000
Gourney Garlic and HerbGarlic and Herb, the Herbs gives this cheese a flavor that is great as, a spread, mixed with
water and enjoyed as a dip or as a cream sauce over pasta. 200 gram container  Rp. 65,000
Gournay Herbes de ProvenceHerbes de Provence, is a mixture of dried herbs typically utilized in the cooking of the Provence
region of southeast France. Our Herbes de Provence mix has the addition of Lavender Flowers
which compliment the herbs and the sharpness of the Gournay Cheese. 200 gram container  Rp. 65,000

Gournay Spice Islands

Spice Islands, the Moluccas Islands of Indonesia have been famously known as the Spice Islands
since the 16th century. We craft a spice mix of the highest quality Indonesian spices and carefully
mix it into our Gournay Cheese to create this uniquely Indonesian flavored cheese.
200 gram container  Rp. 65,000
Gournay ChiliChili, our Gournay Cheese with spicy hot ground chili is delicious utilized as a spread or a dip.
A must try for those who love cheese and spicy foods. 200 gram container  Rp. 65,000
Gournay MexicanMexican, this Gournay Cheese variety is versatile in making Mexican food with its mix of Oregano,
Chili, Cumin and other spices commonly utilized in the cooking of Central America. Add this cheese
to a salad with some corn chips, utilize it as a topping for a taco or wrap, or add it to a Sauce / Mole.
200 gram container  Rp. 65,000