PT. Pasti Enak started in 2008 exporting Coffee and Vanilla from Bali Indonesia. Today we still offer wholesale sales of these raw and semi processed food products.

Raw and Roasted Coffee - Kopi Luwak, Arabica, and Robusta
We offer coffee from: Bali, Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.
We offer: Certified Organic Coffee as well as standard.

Vanilla Beans - We are currently SOLD OUT of vanilla and will not have new stock until the 2017 harvest comes in staring in May. 2016 was a bad year for vanilla and the quality and quantity of beans was far below the normal. As the 2017 harvest can be visually inspected we do offer pre-sales for wholesale orders over 50 kilograms. If you would like to be supplied with pre-sales information please contact us with your expected requirements and we will contact you with a supply projection as soon as we can inspect the beans on the plants.

Cashews - We offer oven dried raw cashews in 1 and 5 kilogram vacuumed seal bags. For prices and availability please feel free to contact us.

Please email request to   with as much detail as possible so that we may quickly answer all of your questions and supply you with a complete price quotation.