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PT. Pasti Enak Cacao Products

     Located in Bali Indonesia PT Pasti Enak is in a prime location to grow good single origin cacao beans and produce cacao butter sought after by industries around the world. With an extensive background in agriculture and food science our management and staff are able to consistently grow high grade cacao beans and produce high quality cacao products.

Our raw cacao products and finished chocolate are used in a few different industries including: Chocolate and Confectionery Production, in or as Health Supplements, manufactured into Spa Products, used with or instead of hops to give beer a slight bitter finish, and as coatings for medications.

We also following products by Special Order:

Non Fermented Cacao Beans
Non Fermented Cacao Nibs
Cacao Powder
Cacao Liquor (ground cacao paste)
Extra Dark Chocolate Blocks
Dark Chocolate Blocks
Milk Chocolate Blocks
White Chocolate

Minimum Order Requirements

Wholesale Orders Bulk Purchase: Minimum order 100 kilos
Please contact us for prices and additional information.

About our cacao products

All of our products are 100% organic.

We grow "Cacao Mulia" a Trinitario cocoa that has been further cross bread with Criollo to bring out more of the original Criollo characteristics.

We do not use any child labor in any part of our operation! We provide our staff with education loans and scholarships for themselves and their children.

Ninety percent of our beans are Sun dried with solar dryers to a moisture content of 8.5 - 7%.  Only in times where natural conditions are unfavorable do we use our electric dryers.

Our fermented cacao products are masterly fermented to consistently bring out the best flavors possible.

We comply with the Indonesian standards for Cacao production.

Our A1-Select beans exceed the standards set by the Indonesian government. These A1 beans are hand sorted twice to insure quality.

Cacao Pods and Cacao Beans