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All Cheese Made in Bali at our BPOM certified MD facility.
Cheeses are made in traditional Artisan Cheese Making methods from Pasteurized Milk.
Each batch of Cheese is Laboratory tested to insure quality and food safety.

Minimum order Rp.150,000
Standard Delivery Days in Bali Tuesdays and Fridays
Delivery Fee Rp.25,000 to most areas of Bali
Orders over Rp.500,000 receive free delivery.

For orders outside of Bali we offer cooler and ice packing to be utilized with express courier delivery available to most parts of Indonesia.

Please feel free to review our products below and order online for delivery to your home. If you prefer you may send your order or request by email to:

To order by phone please feel free to Text or WhasApp your request to 081236202399.

Cheese are cut to order. Once we receive your order cheese will be cut and an invoice will be created for you to review with the exact weights of the individual cheeses. Although we attempt to cut cheese to exactly 200 grams it is inexact process and package weights range from 150-250 grams.

Semi Hard Cheeses

  • 93 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Rahu, this PT. Pasti Enak original semi soft cheese is coated in coconut ash resulting in a stunning medium flavor cheese with a slight aroma of blue cheese.

    93 000 Rp‎
    In Stock
  • 78 000 Rp‎ Out of stock

    Raclette Cheese Cave Aged for 4 monthsAverage Package Size 200 grams.

    78 000 Rp‎
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    Out of stock

Hard Cheeses

Specialty Surface Ripened Cheeses

Soft Cheeses

  • 100 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Our port wine cheese is made from select aged cheddar cheeses that are mixed with Sababay Mascetti Port Wine, and rolled in Toasted Kenari Nuts tossed in Kusamba Sea Salt. Each standard ball weights just over 200 grams

    100 000 Rp‎
    In Stock
  • 84 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Melt on stove, Heat in Microwave or Boil in the Bag. Made with Aged Swiss and Alpine cheeses, Sababay White Velvet Wine, Sea Salt, Shallots & Garlic. Packaged in 200 gram bags

    84 000 Rp‎
    In Stock

Blue Cheese

  • 92 000 Rp‎ Out of stock

    Blue Moo, this cave aged Blue is aged to perfection in our cellars resulting in a cheese similar to Gorgonzola with deep blue flavor and natural rind.

    92 000 Rp‎
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    Out of stock
  • 87 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Baby Blue Moo, our portion control blue cheese has a creamy texture and lite blue flavor.

    87 000 Rp‎
    In Stock

Goat Cheese

  • 91 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Chevre fresh goat cheese

    91 000 Rp‎
    In Stock
  • 100 000 Rp‎ In Stock

    Named after the small French town of Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, this French goat cheese is special among Goat Cheeses. Coated in Vegetable ash logs of fresh Sainte-Maure are aged in our Bloomy Rind Cave and allowed to grow a white mold coat that is similar to Camembert.  This cheese is made in small batches that are ready for sale at the beginning of every...

    100 000 Rp‎
    In Stock

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