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Where is PT Pasti Enak / O-Diary facility located?

Our Cheese factory location is Klungkung Bali Indonesia.

Does PT. Pasti Enak sell wholesale cheese under the O-Dairy brand name?

Yes, we offer wholesale and distributor prices to those wishing to use our cheese in Bulk or Resell our cheeses. Please note there are minimum order and contract requirements that apply. If you are interested in receiving wholesale prices or becoming a distributor please contact us

What is a High End Cheese?

High End denotes the most expensive of a range of products. Our cheese are natural and we use only pure milk in their production. As we do not use flavorings or oils to lower the cost of our cheese it is more expensive than processed cheese on the market. For this reason we feel that our cheeses are High End Cheeses similar to the fine imported cheeses from Europe and the US.

Can I visit your cheese making factory and watch you making cheese?

No, for health and safety reasons our factory is closed to guests. Professional Cheese making facilities must be MD certified and should be kept as clean as a hospital operating room. In order to keep our plant as sanitary as possible we limit the foot travel into all parts of the facility. We hope that you will understand that we have implemented these regulations in order to insure the safety of our customers and the quality of our products.

Is it simple to make Cheese?

Making Cheese can be a simple or difficult task depending on the type of cheese made and the quantity produced. Some cheese like ricotta can be quite simple to make in small quantities at home while other varieties such as Aged Cheddar or Parmesan may take years and often require lab testing and a scientific approach to production. If you are making cheese at home where variations in the final produce are acceptable then it can be a simple process. However with a large cheese making company like ours, where we deal with thousands of liters of milk a day, science plays the predominate roll in how cheese is made. How a cheese will taste its texture and aging qualities are dictated by microbiological science that is quite difficult to understand and impossible to completely control. For this reason making cheese on a large scale is quite difficult.